Land entitlement can be a very complicated and time consuming process. The projects submitted to local municipalities are generally subject to extensive review and are heavily scrutinized before proceeding. This can lead to high costs and possible failure of the proposed project if you do not have the right people by your side to see it through. Hiring a real estate attorney well-versed in the entitlement process is the first step in realizing the viability of your development project.


What is real estate or land entitlement?

A real estate entitlement is a right that allows and dictates what may be developed on a certain property and its uses. A land entitlement is created pursuant to a legal agreement with the local regulatory body that governs where the property is located. It is important to obtain an entitlement with a wide array of uses so that the value of the property increases.


Land entitlement process

The land entitlement process is often quite lengthy, taking anywhere from approximately three months to a couple of years depending on the complexity and intended use of the project. Thus, it is extremely crucial that you find a team of development experts that have relationships with the local municipality responsible for review and approval of these types of projects. Having these types of relationships will eliminate many of the inherent delays and encourage expedited negotiations to obtain approval of your project.


The step by step process for obtaining a real estate land entitlement involves:

• Site approval from the local Planning and Development Department.


• Submission of land entitlement application that complies with all codes of the particular jurisdiction to the local Planning and Development Department Review Division.


• Meetings to discuss proposed development and process of review by the Planning Department.


• Preparation of an appeal in the unlikely circumstance that the application is denied.


• Attend public and approval hearings.


• Hire the right professionals for real estate entitlement approval


• Hiring an experienced development team is essential in obtaining approval of your land entitlement application, beginning with a dedicated and well-connected land entitlement attorney. Attorneys have a wide array of land entitlement experience and will utilize our many hard-earned relationships with various municipalities to acquire the right to develop your project.


Brian Olson Commercial is committed to achieving your goals and have built many relationships in order to accomplish this. To help you interpret and advise you on the various requirements and development potential of the project, we maintain valuable connections with architects, property developers, project specialists and all types of engineers. The regulatory process will be completed without delay due to us hand-selecting a development team that will contribute to your success.


Additionally, our real estate attorneys hold experience as developers, regulators and have represented the same, positioning our clients for better success with their projects.


Types of Entitlements for the property developer

We assist our clients in obtaining a wide range of entitlements and recognize that each entitlement is specific to each property. Common types of entitlements that our clients seek to obtain for the development of their projects include:


• Subdivision map extensions


• Condo conversions


• Zoning and zoning variances


• Re-zoning


• Development agreements


• Detailed site renderings


• Conditional use permits


• Historic and cultural landmarks


• Transportation approvals


• Utility and landscaping approvals

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