Invest in Steamboat Springs

Ski Town USA, Steamboat has had a jumping arena since 1913, a downhill ski area since the mid 1960s, and has trained more Olympians than any other town in the US. Champagne Powder is certainly its specialty, and the town proudly broke its record snowfall in the 07-08 season with 489" of snow before its closing on April 6th. But snow is not the only draw to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


Steamboat has also been well known for its healing hot springs since its foundation in the late 1880s, and gets its name after the bubbling geyser that sounded like the Mississippi river boats which was unfortunately destroyed when the railroad tracks were laid in the early 1900s.


Steamboat is no stranger to the ranching life as well; a regular stop of the Pro Rodeo Circuit, the town is surrounded with generations of experience in ranching, farming, and cow and sheep ranching.


Visitors can enjoy the gamut of outdoor experiences here, from wildflower and waterfall hikes in the spring, ATV'ing and fly fishing in the summer, to hunting the enormous elk in the fall. From snowmobiling, skiing, and dog sledding in the winter to hot-air ballooning all year round, Steamboat is a mecca of wilderness adventure.

Community Indicators Project


The Community Indicators Project was initiated by Yampa Valley Data  Partners in 1996 to document regional quality of life in the Yampa Valley through social, economic, environmental, and civic measurements.


The Community Indicators Project is a collaboration between the communities and counties in the Yampa Valley, Yampa Valley organizations, and national and state organizations such as National Civic League, and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado. The Community Indicators Project belongs to the Yampa Valley community and must be well used to serve its purpose.


We aim for this report to be a resource for nonprofits, school and education administrators, business owners, local officials, and other concerned citizens across the valley. The interconnections among the social, economic, environmental, and civic indicators presented here are the basis for a wealth of community discussions on our changing Valley.


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